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Custom Built Vinyl Windows

A&G Windows and Doors is dedicated to transforming your dream home into a reality. With our premium-quality windows tailored to your unique vision, and the support of our expert designers and top-tier materials, we ensure excellence in every detail.

PH Tech’s own PVC Formula uses a unique mixture of resin and specific additives, meaning you’ll never experience discoloration – it will never yellow or weather over time, allowing windows to maintain their appearance year-in, year out.

Our PVC will never flake, peel or chip and it’s easy maintenance thanks to a semi-gloss finish and low porosity. Specially-adapted support walls and internal cavities for every thickness, designed to prevent disintegration and limit thermal breakage. A&G windows has one of the lowest replacement rates in the industry.

ENERGY STAR Rated Vinyl Windows

A&G’’s vinyl windows feature the ENERGY STAR emblem, which is the gold standard for energy efficiency rating. They are made from a 100% lead-free uPVC compound and feature a unique multi-chamber construction.

Why A&G Custom Vynil Windows?

Vinyl has emerged as a top choice for window frame materials, blending style, performance, and convenience. A&G Windows and Doors’ vinyl windows stand out with exceptional quality and outstanding energy efficiency, offering a great return on investment.

Our windows feature a unique multi-chamber construction that ensures maximum insulation, thermal efficiency, and durability. With a wide range of colors, finishes, and styles, A&G Windows and Doors’ vinyl windows perfectly complement any home. Experience the best in quality and aesthetics with our vinyl windows.

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Window Styles

A&G Windows and Doors provides an extensive range of custom-built window styles to perfectly suit every home. Our experienced window installers eliminate all guesswork, ensuring your new windows are a flawless fit. Discover the best window solutions with A&G Windows and Doors for an impeccable and hassle-free window replacement experience.


Improve airflow and enhance beauty for your home with awning windows. Built to perfection.

Bay & Bow

Maximize natural light without compromising on performance with customizable bay and bow windows.


Improve your view and increase air circulation with elegant & energy-efficient casement windows.


Increase natural light and improve airflow without sacrificing space with single and/or double hung windows.


Upgrade your home with stylish, functional and energy-efficient tilt & turn windows built to perfection.


Practical, affordable, and stylish slider windows custom built for your home. Built to perfection.


Versatile in design, they can stand alone or complement other window styles to enhance your home. 

Specialty Combination

These windows can be combined with other styles to achieve architectural sophistication.

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A&G Windows ADvantage

We’ve been manufacturing high-end custom windows for both residential and commercial clients for over 20 years.

Our exceptional Boreal System profile 4 9/16” frame depth, is the ultimate all-weather barrier, ensuring unsurpassed impact resistance and strength throughout the product’s lifetime. The Boreal Profile dominates the market with its elegance and characteristics making it a remarkable product. 

When you choose A&G Windows and Doors you’ll benefit from the following advantages:

  • Elegant aesthetics
  • Slim-line profiles maximizing light penetration in the rooms
  • High-end products, perfectly suited for new construction and renovation projects
  • Complete systems allowing the combination of different styles of windows and doors
  • Multi-chambered profiles giving superior thermal isolation and increased rigidity
  • Adjustable suspension screens preventing derailing
  • Prolonged durability of windows and doors systems
  • Welded sashes and frames offering increases rigidity
  • Easy to clean sashes, even from the inside

……..and much more!

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Benefits of A&G Windows

Vinyl windows reign supreme, offering a perfect combination of style, high-performance, and convenience. Experience the benefits of high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows, providing a remarkable return on investment through energy savings and low maintenance. Upgrade your home with the best in the industry.

Energy Efficient

Our windows feature a unique multi-chamber design, leading to outstanding energy efficiency. Keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs.


Enjoy more leisure time with A&G’s low maintenance vinyl windows. Spend less effort on upkeep and more on the things you love.


Transform your home’s appearance with stylish vinyl windows available in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Instantly elevate your curb appeal.


Our vinyl windows are built to last, with exceptional durability and resistance to weather, cracking, and impact damage. Trust in their longevity.


Find the perfect window for your style and budget with our wide selection of price points and flexible financing options. Achieve quality without breaking the bank.

Ready to get started on your project?

A&G Windows and Doors is the leading supplier of awning windows in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Etobicoke and the rest of Ontario. Trust us for your awning window replacement, along with our expert installation services.

Contact A&G Windows and Doors now to get a complimentary quote for awning windows for your home.

A&G Warranty

A&G products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

Lifetime Warranty

On Solid Beige and White Windows, Patio Door Frames and Sashes

15 Year Warranty

On Factory Painted Vinyl Surfaces

Lifetime Warranty

On Cardinal Glass and Thermo-Seals

Lifetime Warranty

On Windows Hardware and 5-Year Warranty on Patio Door Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

Since replacing my windows, I'm noticing more condensation than before at the bottom of the inside pane. How is this possible?

Condensation is appearing on your windows because they are better insulated! Water vapor occurs naturally in your home. It is trapped indoors because when your windows are closed, they offer a perfect seal. When the vapor comes into contact with a cold surface (e.g. mirrors, windows), it condenses into a liquid. The more your home is insulated, the more you must ensure proper and adequate ventilation.

What is Low-E Glass?

Low Emissive or “Low-E” glass has a special thin-film metallic or oxide coating on its interior surface, which allows the passage of short-wave solar energy (light) but prevents the passage of long-wave energy (heat) from the sun or heating systems through the glass. Low-E glass thus allows light to enter while also providing thermal insulation. This type of glass cuts the loss of heat during the winter and cuts the absorption of heat during the summer by reflecting the heat back to its source, thus providing year-round savings by lowering utility bills. Low-E glass also selectively filters the sun’s energy, blocking up to 84% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays in the summer, thereby reducing the degree of fading of upholstery, carpet and drapes. Low E also reduces heating costs reflecting room side heat back into the room resulting in a lower winter U-value.

What is argon gas and why is it used with Low-E glass?

Argon is a safe, odourless, colourless, non-toxic, non-flammable inert gas commonly used in place of air between the glass panes of an insulated Low-E glass unit. Argon’s heat conductivity is lower than that of air, and thus it is a better insulator and contributes to a lower U-factor. Argon is not an effective solar performer by itself; that is why it is only used in conjunction with Low-E glass.

How can I tell if I need new windows?
  • Difficult to open or close
  • Air leaking through or around the window
  • Excessive condensation or icing on the inside of the window panes
  • Windows rattle in the wind
  • Paint chipping or peeling
  • House is always too cold in winter – or too hot in summer
Will replacing my old windows really cut down on my heating bills?

Yes! Windows are one of the most important aspects of regulating home temperatures. Most windows in older homes were designed when energy was cheap, and new energy-efficient materials were unknown. Today’s newer energy-efficient windows are designed with overall thermal efficiency in mind; keeping the heat in and the cold out. Typically, an older home can lose up to 50 percent of its energy heat through leaky, drafty windows and doors.

Are new windows a bad investment if I plan on selling my home?

No! In fact, not only will new windows make your home more energy efficient and visually appealing, but they will increase the overall value of your home.


What is the difference between "retrofit" and "full replacement"?

Retrofit means leaving the original (old) window frames in and installing the new vinyl frames within the existing. Full replacement means removing the existing (old) window frames.

What is a thermal breakage?

Like every other material, glass expands (and contracts) when it experiences temperature variations. This expansion tends to be greater at the center of the glass than at the sides, which applies pressure to the glass. In most cases, this pressure is absorbed by the glass and the design of the window. However, the glass may break; this is referred to as thermal breakage.
In general, thermal breakage is not covered by the warranty because it does not mean that your product is faulty. This phenomenon is quite unpredictable, so manufacturers cannot be held responsible.

Custom Vinyl Window Installation

The quality of window installation significantly impacts the performance and longevity of your custom vinyl windows. At A&G Windows and Doors, we employ trained and professional window installation specialists to provide exceptional custom vinyl window installations. We offer two types of installation services for custom vinyl windows:

Retrofit Installation

Retrofitting your home with vinyl windows allows you to upgrade your windows for improved performance and energy efficiency without needing a full-frame replacement.

  • It involves removing and replacing the window sash.
  • The existing window frame and trim on your home’s interior and exterior remain intact.
  • A faster and more cost-effective process compared to full-frame replacement.
  • Recommended if the existing frame is in good condition and well-insulated.
  • Allows you to upgrade window glazing for optimized performance.

Full Frame Replacement

For a more thorough option that offers greater efficiency and overall window performance, consider full frame replacement.

  • Involves complete removal of the old window down to the house framing.
  • After installation, the exterior is finished with caulking or aluminum flashing.
  • Allows for upgrades to the interior trim and window jambs.
  • Ensures optimal energy efficiency and thermal performance.

About A&G Windows & Doors

A&G Windows and Doors is a proudly Canadian-owned company, specializing in crafting unique and custom vinyl windows. Our dedicated team of window specialists is eager to collaborate with you in discovering the ideal custom windows that perfectly complement your home, be it a new construction or a renovation project.

We prioritize understanding your preferences and requirements, guiding you through the available window options, and assisting you in selecting the right size, type, and finishing touches for your new A&G custom vinyl windows. We are committed to delivering windows that surpass your expectations and enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.


Come meet with us in person for a more detailed overview of our products and services.

Why Choose A&G Windows

Opt for high-quality replacement windows and doors to enhance your home's safety and comfort. A&G Windows and Doors, a reputable company, offers durable and affordable products and services. Whether you're building from scratch or giving your home a facelift, we customize every detail of your window or door installation project.

Complete Services

From window and door supply to finishing touches, A&G Windows and Doors has you covered for your next project.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy-efficient windows and doors create a comfortable indoor environment and save on utility bills.

Professional Installers

Our professionally trained installers ensure your investment is properly installed, maximizing the benefits of your new windows and doors for years to come.

100% Customer Satisfaction

A&G Windows and Doors is dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, providing exceptional products and services to make your home an even better place to live.

Licensed & Insured

A&G Windows and Doors holds all necessary certifications and coverage, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience for our valued customers.

25-Year Warranty

With our comprehensive warranty packages, your investment in new windows and doors is fully protected.

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